The Picture of Dorian Gray

author: Oscar Wilde


Basil Hallward – painter, he painted picture of Dorian Gray, he loves him
lord Henry Wotton – nobleman, friend of Basil, then of Dorian too, he influenced Dorian, he has „interesting“ philosophical ideas                                                                   
Sibyla Vane – poor , young and beautiful actrees, girl-friend of Dorian Gray, he wanted to marry her, he left her, she committed suicide
James Vane – Sibyla’s brother, who is to become a sailor and sail for Australia, he promised, that he kill Dorian, when he hurt Sibyla.
Alan Cambell – chemist, hepled Dorian with dead body, they are ex-friends, he committed suicide
Dorian Gray – at the beginning he was incorrupt, lovely and naive and then he changed…


Basill Hallward is painting Dorian Gray and see how perfect, handsome and young is Dorian. His friend – lord Henry Wotton – wants to meet this „perfekt“ boy. While Basil was painting Dorian, lord Henry was talking about youth. Basil finished his work and Dorian looked at his portrait and told: „I want to be forever young and picture will grow old.“ After time Dorian forgot what he told. He took the picture at home.
He fell in love with Sibyla Vane and they betrothed. She is very good actrees, she calls Dorian: Prince Charming. Dorian took his friends (Basil and lord Henry) to performance of Sibyla, she was horrible and Dorian was disappointed. He told her: „I loved you because you was good actrees.“ and he left her. Next morning he understood that he was bad and he loves her. But lord Henry came and told him that Sibyla is dead. She committed suicide.
Dorian (vyčítat si to) but lord Henry calmed down him. Dorian looked the picture and saw: Dorian in the picture had cruel smile. After that he hasn’t qualms and the picture changed like his soul. He remembered his wish. Now the picture is mirror of his soul. Dorian started to change and the picture too…, but Dorian has the same and young look and Dorian in the picture starts to be cruel, ugly and old.
Basil came to Dorian and told him that he will go to Paris for 6 months and people of London say horrible things about him. And every gentleman must have good reputation. When Basil started to talk about soul, Dorian started to be nervous. He took Basil to unused room, where is the picture. When Basil saw it, he horrified: „You must be worse than people are saying about you!“ Dorian started to hate him and he killed him.
He summoned (called) Alan Cambell, Dorian chantaged him and compeled to (donutil k) help with dead body. (Dorian in the portrait has blood on right hand.)
One day when Dorian was out, he met Sibyl’s brother, he wanted to kill Dorian, but he got heed to Dorian should have 38 years and thid boy is very young. He let him, but he was after Dorian.
Lord Henry told him that the police can’t to find Basil and Alan Cambell committed suicide. And when Sibyl’s brother shooted dead, Dorian composed.
He wanted to be better and he believed it. He wanted to see picture – better picture. But the picture is worse than before… He doesn’t understand it. He started to be furious. He stabs the picture.
On the floor, servants found the ugly, old man with a knife in his heart, and the portrait of Dorian, as handsome as he was eighteen years ago. It is only through his rings that the corpse can be identified.

my opinion:
I like this book because I never read something like this and I love magics. I read Lord of rings and Harry Potter
Though I’ve knowed the end of story it was very interesting for me. I read it in one breath…
I thing that everybody should have picture like this and every day they can see how people are or aren’t good. But Dorian don’t belive to picture and it was mistake.

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