Great Britain

The British Islands lies in the north-west part of Europe. There are two large islands: Great Britain, Ireland and another 5,000 smaller islands. Great Britain is the largest island in the Europe. In Great Britain there are many points of interest. There is nice scenery with many parks and cities with antique architecture.
I would like talk about towns...
STARTFORD - UPON - AVON is the second most visited town in England. It is famous as the birthplace of well-known dramatist William Shakespeare. The top attraction is the house in Henley Street where Shakespeare was born. There is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and church where Shakespeare is buried.
OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE are the seats of the oldest English universities. These universities were founded in 13th centuries.
In BATH is Roman bath and architecture of this town is very nice.
BRIGHTON is famous seaside town with Arab architecture including the Royal Pavilion. Around the Pavilion there is a big gardens. This town is near the sea and you can go to the beach or walk on the promenade. There are many casinos and funs.
In CANTERBURY there was murdered Thomas Becket - a archbishop of Canterbury and England’s most famous martyr. Geoffrey Chaucer was inspired by this town and he wrote Canterbury Tales.
LIVERPOOL is a world city with an 800 year history. The city gave birth of The Beatles.
In PORTSMOUTH there is Nelson’s flagship Her Majesty Victory in the dockyard. The town reminds Admiral Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
GREENWICH lies in the east of London. There is the Old Royal Observatory and you can see 0-degrees-longitude site.
When we visit STONEHENGE we can feel a mystery from it. The origin of Stonehenge isn’t sure. This monument is very old and this place is visited many tourists. May be it was a temple made for the worship of ancient Gods. 
Scotland is a historically and culturally different country from England. Scotland is the land of many special traditions, which can’t be found anywhere in the world - playing the bagpipes, wearing kilts made of tartan, Scotch whisky.
The biggest city is Glasgow. It is culture centre and heart of the arts in Scotland. Edinburgh is dominated by its imposing 12th century castle - Holy Roodhouse. The city is full of attractive squares, three-lined avenues and elegant shopping centres. In the North of the country there are many lakes as Loch Lomond and Loch Ness which is famous for its "Loch Ness Monster". 
Beautiful country with many highlands and castles (for example Caernarfon, Conwy, Harlech). There aren't many industrial towns, the biggest are Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

In the United Kingdom there are many museums. In London is Toussaud´s wax museum where are wax figures of well-known people. There is British museum where are collections of art of Egypt, Asia, Greece and Rome, and National Gallery where are the art of famous painters.
There are many parks too. Hyde Park is a London Royal Park. It was founded in 16th century. It is a large area with monuments of Queen Victoria and her husband. There is Regent’s Park too where is an open air theatre and city’s ZOO.

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